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Lindinhof Equine Sports Zentrum offers quality training for horses in dressage. Monthly fees cover feed/hay, daily stall cleaning, turnout, training five days a week, leg and tendon care, and solarium. We specialize in starting horses as well as fine-tuning competition horses. Lindinhof also offers promotional services to individuals looking to sell their horses; please contact us for more information.



1. We develop horses into the best athletes possible by being patient, fair, empathic, and respectful.

2. We stand behind and promote the German Training Scale.

3. We emphasize safety both on the ground and in the saddle.

4. We conduct our business in a legal, moral, and ethical manner.

5. We develop and maintain open, honest, two-way communication throughout our organization and with all of our clients and students.

6. We foster a dynamic and rewarding environment, built upon mutual respect and support between horses, trainers, and students.

7. We promote a spirit of fairness and good sportsmanship at all levels of competition.

8. We work intensively with our students and clients to achieve their goals.

9. We provide the highest possible quality service as a dressage training and sales facility.

10. We have a passion for excellence and hate bureaucratic nonsense.

For more Information:

Please contact us at:

4246 Schneider Drive, Oregon, WI, 53575

608.445.8531 or

No Doubt & Megan competing at the Jim Brandon Center in Wellington, FL in March of 2009!

Check it out! Lindinhof has a Facebook page, and you can follow Megan on Twitter @nutMegMcIsaac

(Below) Lobke E & Megan at the 2013 Regionals!

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